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Net Branch

Our Net Branch package at commercial capital limited is a training program for anyone looking to begin the career in commercial financing. We train you on the basics of commercial real estate loan types, best tools in marketing, how to market, and how to underwrite a file & submit to the right lender. All the tools needed are include in our package. Some of the same training archives are still used from back in 2006 when we used to have 700 active net branches. After the crash we have lost many of those net branches, but when our circle got smaller our volume got bigger. We still have about 60 net branches still aggressively closing loans & making over $100,000 a year.

Active Net Branches
Making over $150,000 a year.
Hours of Training
Brokering commercial capital.
Lending Partners
Accessible with Net Branch.
Imagine an opportunity to start a brand new career OR add additional income SEAMLESSLY to what you are already doing and risk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Well, we have created just such an opportunity…..
Based on the success of my son, who started with me as an 18 year old high school graduate last year with ZERO knowledge of business or commercial lending and ZERO contacts, and will make $70,000 his first full year and $150,000+ next year, and at his prompting, we have decided to create a training and marketing package to allow ANYONE to do the same thing.  I am talking about a turnkey system for you to do commercial and business loans-we call it the “Net Branch”.  Here is what it entails…..
  • Our complete SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PROGRAM that teaches you how to use Linked-in and Constant Contact to build a HUGE database in record time.  My son went from ZERO Contacts to over 10,000 contacts in just 6 months.  AND WE WRITE ALL THE MARKETING FOR YOU.  YOU USE THE SAME MARKETING I USE-marketing that averages me 10 LEADS A DAY. It is like having your OWN MARKETING ARM FREE OF CHARGE-WOW!  Want to know where you start getting business?  This Marketing Program is your answer.  It is all I do and I am #1 in the country!
  • The new upgraded intranet including PROGRAM FINDER- a place where you can put in the basics of the loan (credit score, LTV, property type) and have me tell you exactly where to go with it and where to place it.  You DON’T have to know all the programs, I already do and you can leverage it!  You just need to input some basic info…takes the learning curve to ZERO.
  • Our exclusive lender database-over 200 of the best funders in the country-basically, every loan I close will be done with one of these sources.  I spent years finding and listing the best lenders and you get them free as part of the package-saves you years of searching or guessing if the lender is real or not…
  • Updated video training-I did a complete nuts to bolts video training that takes you from A to Z and teaches you exactly how to do the business-even includes an underwriting session.  Plus all of our monthly trainings for the past few years are all saved and categorized by topic-you want to learn?  You have YEARS of knowledge there
  • Ongoing monthly training-We don’t sell you a package then leave you alone to figure it out-every month I bring fresh training from the trenches to keep you up to date on the latest. Remember, I am the TOP closing Commercial guy in the country-I am on the front lines learning and I teach the net branches everything I know
  • License to use our name-you can use the Commercial Capital name and logo giving you instant credibility….and many of our lenders give us bonus pricing -you get that too.  One lender gives us an extra point and they are my favorite lender (closed a loan with them just last week) -you close just one $1,000,000 loan with them and you have made your money back JUST ON THE EXTRA VOLUME PRICING-WOW!
All of this and MORE is part of the new Net Branch Program.  All the forms, all the training, help on every loan, a COMPLETE COMMERCIAL BRANCH IN A BOX and it is all available for a one time fee of $10,000.  No SPLITS and NO yearly renewals, you can’t beat this deal!  If you ever wanted to do commercial loans, it has NEVER been easier or more risk free then this.
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